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Who We Are

We're a small company (husband & wife team) and pride ourselves on providing quality, personal customer service.  Brad Melton, the owner, will work with you from start to finish. 

We've been a Sole Proprietorship since 1997, however Brad has been doing custom audio/video installations since 1992.


We go the extra mile for your satisfaction

and our customer loyalty proves it.

(Check out our reviews)

Where We Work

In August 2011 we relocated from Fremont

to our new office in Oakley, California.  

We now serve mostly Costra Costa & Alameda Counties with installation and sales of quality audio & video products for your home or business.  We also do jobs outside of our local area and Brad is licensed to work anywhere the state of California.

Please note that we are a home-based business and not a store, so we do not have a showroom.  We custom order products for each client as needed.

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Meet The Team

Brad Melton


  • Owner - Sole Proprietor

  • System Design & Installation

  • Job Planning

  • Troubleshooting

  • Remote control programming

Since Brad was a small child he has always been curious about the way things work and is mechanically inclined.  He began fixing small electrical appliances & radios at a very young age and his family
(from Midwest farm community) thought he would grow up to have his own "fix-it" shop.  (Of course, that town was a lot like Mayberry back in the 1960's and things have changed since then).


Brad is somewhat of a "MacGyver" type who thinks on his feet and gets creative to solve unique problems as they arise in different situations.   

Brad was raised in Menlo Park, CA since he was about a year old.

As a teenager, he developed an interest in cars and has rebuilt the engines of two cars and is currently rebuilding & refurbishing a 1969 Mercury Montego.

In his mid-20's he received the highest honors from the ROP (Regional Occupation Program) course Construction Technology.  After graduation, he worked as a carpenter until an injury forced him to change professions for awhile.

After moving to Santa Rosa with Lisa in 1991, his interest in electronics was revived after subscribing to a home theater industry magazine.  

This was an new profession that intrigued him.  He got a job at a company called Hollywood North where he was trained and could put his skills with electronics and building to use.

He and Lisa moved back to Fremont in 1996 to care for his ill mother, who passed away three months later.  The next year he started Home Audio/Video and remained in Fremont for 15 years before moving to Oakley in 2011.

Lisa Melton

  • Office Manager

  • Accounts Receivable / Payable

  • Scheduling

  • Jobsite Assistant

  • Company webmaster

  • Remote control programming

Lisa and Brad have known each other since high school and have been married to each other since 1988 and can still say that they enjoy working together.

Before helping Brad start the business in 1997 she was a personal trainer for about two years and before that did general office work since attending high school in Redwood City, CA, along with a few of years in retail while living in Santa Rosa (also where she and Brad got the bug for weight training to stay healthy).

Lisa also has some training in Interior Design, which came in handy when she and Brad remodeled their home in Fremont.

Lisa's interests include sewing, which she learned at an young age since being raised by her grandmother who was a talented seamstress.  Being the frugal person that she is, Lisa even sewed her own wedding dress.

Another activity she enjoyed in the past was designing a dream home on a CAD program (unfortunately land is too expensive to build it!).

She and Brad recently designed a landscaping plan and did all the hard work on the hardscape and planting in their front yard.


Making bunny toys & hideouts and playing with Parker, the free-range house rabbit is another fun activity enjoyed daily.

When the weather is nice, sometimes Brad and Lisa go for orienteering hikes in the SF Bay Area with the Bay Area Orienteering Club (BAOC).

Favorite places to hike are the Presidio and Golden Gate Park and anywhere there are redwood forests.

Parker Melton

  • Office Supervisor

  • Boxed package inspector

  • Moral booster & comic relief after long work day.

  • He's also our built-in alarm clock and wakes us up at 6:00 am each morning.

Parker is a rescue rabbit that we saved just two days from euthanasia at the Martinez Animal Shelter.

One day each month we work with the Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue (CCRR) to help find homes for other unfortunate bunnies.  We started a blog for Parker to keep CCRR updated when we first started to foster him in May 2015 and now he has a few followers of that blog.

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