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Please note that we have implemented our first labor rate increase in many years.

We held off as long as possible to be fair to our customers,

but due to increases in expenses, we are increasing our prices

for all new customers beginning January 2019.

We are still competitively priced with other similar licensed audio/video contractors.

Our new pricing is shown below:

  • Phone Tech Support & Remote Guidance - $40
    (Initiated during COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders) -
    Help with technical issues or guidance with hooking up your surround-sound system or mounting a TV (plus various other audio/video related problems).
    If we're able to help to your satisfaction, just pay $40 online.
    If we are unable to help, you owe nothing.

  • Initial Consultation Meeting
    Free ($20 If outside our standard service area.)


  • Estimates:  

    • Basic, Simple = Free

    • Custom Detailed Estimate - Large-complex job, long parts list - $100  (This fee will be applied toward purchase or service.)

  • Wiring & Custom Installations (2 hr. minimum charge) –

    • Starting at $95/hr. (up to 50 mile radius from our office)
      ($110 to $125/hr. on weekends or outside 50-mile radius from our Oakley location, depending on location)

    • $125/hr. for SF, Oakland or Berkley, 2 hr. minimum charge

  • Flat-Screen TV Installations - Standard Prices (Not including parts)
    (Labor only, includes mounting on wall-bracket, concealing wires in the wall, connecting audio/video equipment in the system, testing, and clean-up.)
    We only charge for the actual time it takes us to complete your installation (2-hr min.), so if we finish sooner than estimated, we adjust your bill to our hourly rate!  We only do quotes for TV installations after doing a site survey to determine the extent of the job (no phone quotes).

    • $325 (Standard Sheetrock Wall)

    • $500 (Above Fireplace - Depending on the complexity of installation)

    • Larger size screens or abnormal mounting requests may be subject to extra charge.  (Customers can sometimes save some money on their install by assisting with things like lifting over-sized TVs.)

    • The cost of the TV bracket, cables and accessories are extra. 

  •  Remote control programming (URC & Pro Control brands)–

    • Average $200-$300 per remote

  • We also have calibration tune-up specials for your audio/video system.


Other rates are dependent upon complexity of the job and would be 

determined at pre-installation consultation meeting.  Call us for specifics.

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