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This page lists the services we do for our customers (along with what we don't do).


What we do

What we do:

  • Custom Home Theater design and installation

  • Whole House Audio Distribution

  • Prewire and Retro-fit wiring (low-voltage only):  
    Speaker wire & Tech Wiring (coax for TV plus CAT5e or CAT6  for internet)

  • Programming of universal remotes (Brands:  Universal Remote Control (URC) and ProControl)

  • Wall mounting TVs with concealed wiring

  • Lighting Control - Lutron Ra2 Select & Caséta®
    (extended warranty only with our Pro Installation plus registration)

  • System set-up:  
    If you already have the equipment, but don't know how to hook it up, we can help.
    We help a lot of folks get set-up when they first move into their new homes.

What we don't do:


Alarm Systems:  

  • Alarm installers are required to have a special license issued by US Homeland Security.
    We do not posses that license so you'll need to call an alarm company to install or service your system.

  • Electrical:
    Brad does have electrical knowledge, however we can't run any new circuits to your breaker panel or do any extensive electrical work because we are only licensed for low-voltage.
    If we're mounting a TV on your wall and you need an outlet behind it, we can extend power from an existing nearby outlet if it's on the same wall as the TV and directly below it in the same stud bay.  Otherwise, we can use a power extension kit to plug into a nearby outlet or surge protector.


  • Home surveillance systems (consumer grade as sold to the general public at the big-box stores).
    We only sell and install commercial-grade camera systems because the're better quality with a longer warranty and will outlast the consumer kits by years.


  • Rodent extraction:
    Believe it or not, we've had a client ask us if we disposed of a dead rat after finding it in his attic.
    We don't touch or remove rats, mice, snakes, opossums, racoons, insects or any other creature that we might find (dead or alive) in your attic or crawl space.  That's not in our job description.
    We'll tell you about it so you can contact an exterminator.


What we don't do
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