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Spring Cleaning & Tune-up Special


Sure, bunnies are cute...except when they're made of dust and take over your audio/video equipment. 


If you have furry pets or live in a dusty area, there's a good chance your A/V system has accumulated a layer of fur and/or dust.


If your component's vents have caked-on dust, air can't circulate and heat builds up, thereby shortening it's lifespan.  You've probably spent a lot of money on your gear, so you'll want to get more life out of your investment by keeping it clean. 


We all have busy lives these days and doing a deep-clean on your audio/video equipment is probably the last thing you want to dig into, so call us today to make an appointment for us to come out and give your equipment a thorough once-over cleaning and a system tune-up to get it back into tip-top shape.

Cleaning Products

What's Included for the Special Price of $150.00:

(Additional requests outside of the normal scope of work will be subject to extra fees.)

  • Entertainment System Cleaning:

    • We will thoroughly dust and vacuum all surfaces of your audio/video components plus the shelves inside the cabinet or rack.

    • Dust and clean the surface of your TV with a special micro-fiber cloth,
      vacuum rear vents and TV mount or stand.

    • Check all wires and cables on the back of the components to make sure they're all seated properly and no stray wires are touching or shorting.

    • Wipe down remote control(s) and check batteries.

  • Entertainment System - Home Theater Tune-up:
    • Check A/V receiver to make sure everything is ​on the correct settings for optimal sound and video.

    • Test surround sound speaker system and re-calibrate if needed for the best listening experience when watching movies or TV.
      (Audio systems usually need to be re-calibrated if furnishings have changed or moved within the room.)

    • Check TV Settings if needed and adjust for the best viewing experience.

Don't wait! 

Click here to contact us & make an appointment today!

(This offer is good for a limited time - extended to May 31, 2019)

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